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Welcome to Flints and Flames!  We love the hobby of collecting Zippo lighters and created this website to share with like minded collectors all over the world!

New…..Vintage…..we collect them all, so please browse the site and enjoy!

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Limited Runs – Drink Lighters

Sometimes in our travels we come across items that are not what they initially seem. I had seen some “drink lighters” each summer we vacationed down in Myrtle Beach. All the surf-wear shops seemed to have them but I kind of brushed them off as “touristy” lighters. All that changed for me when a photo […]


Vietnam Lighters and the Thrill of the Chase

Often times I will throw a bid out on ebay and just see if it “sticks”. I will do this especially if I am not sure about the lighters authenticity or something. That was the case with a recent pick-up. I threw a bid on a lighter listed as “vietnam zippo tuy hoa 69 – […]


Zippo’s Lady Barbara

Article submitted by Michael Grimaldi As a Zippo collector, I have always been a fan of the different table models offered by the company over the years. From the chunky Barcrofts, to the elegant Lady Bradford and the stylish Moderne and Corinthian, I collected examples of them all. Heck, I will even admit to picking […]


2018 Zippo Collectible of the Year

Behold the 2018 Zippo Collectible of the Year (COTY) lighter, “Golden Scroll”. Released for sale on the US Zippo Website April 17th and already sold out on the site as of yesterday, 4/20, this 360° MultiCut engraved, Gold Plated, Armor™ lighter is a real stunner. As with several of the recent COTY releases it comes […]


Zippo Desk Lighter

Article submitted by Rob Giarretta Sometimes you find an unusual Zippo and it’s immediately apparent what it is. Sometimes, it takes a little longer to figure out. This one was definitely the latter. What we have here isn’t flashy or elegant. It’s simple and utilitarian. It’s also a significant part of Zippo’s history. At first […]