Limited Runs – Drink Lighters

Sometimes in our travels we come across items that are not what they initially seem. I had seen some “drink lighters” each summer we vacationed down in Myrtle Beach. All the surf-wear shops seemed to have them but I kind of brushed them off as “touristy” lighters.

Bargain Beachwear Zippo SignAll that changed for me when a photo of them surfaced on a Zippo group on Facebook. Marilyn storms told the brief story of how there was a set of 5 that her local Zippo distributor had made. They were only sold in surf-wear shops in North and South Carolina, with the exception of some being sold on ebay in her store. Marilyn went on to say that the distributor had tried to get a 6th one made but the idea of one named “Sex on the Beach” was rejected by the Zippo Manufacturing Company. I started asking her additional questions about these lighters. She in turn spoke with the distributor who revealed that he only had 100 of each design made!

I knew back when I saw them on Facebook and heard the initial story that I wanted them, even before I learned how limited the runs were. I got Marilyn to scrounge me up a set (They were discontinued in 2011). She couldn’t get the the Blue Hawaii originally but one was eventually found unsold in one of the surf-wear shops as stock was rotated out. Considering the low numbers made and the fact that they were sold only in a specific region with the exception of one dealers ebay sales, I feel very lucky to have a complete set.

As for the lighters themselves, they are all dated April 2011 and feature full color, 2-sided printing on Street Chrome. The front sides show the drinks and the reverse shows the recipe for the drink shown on the front. They all have quite a tropical feel to them. Now, cant you imagine yourself on the beach with a drink in your hand and one of these great lighters in the other?

Zippo Drink Lighters
Drink Zippo’s with Recipies

Their model numbers as they correspond to the above are: 207 BLOOD THIRSTY PIRATE, 207 BLUE HAWAII, 207 HURRICANE, 207 SALTY DOG, 207 SAND IN YOUR PANTS
As of the writing of this article, Marilyn still has a few from the series available for sale in her store.

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