Zippo/Roseart Brass lighters

In 1982 Zippo Manufacturing first introduced the brass finish on their lighters as part of the companies 50th Anniversary celebration. Today the brass Zippo lighters with the commemorative bottom stamp are very collectible, but did you know that there are Zippo lighters with a brass finish from as early as 1957?

To learn the full story of these Satin Brass Zippo lighters we must examine the history of the Roseart
Company. Roseart was founded in 1957 in Bradford, PA by Philip M. Rose. He operated Wright Monumental Works and was inspired to use the imported marble for a line of table lighters. Roseart struck a deal with Zippo Manufacturing in March of 1957 to use their lighters in the companies table lighter bases.

Once this agreement was in place, Roseart sent the unfinished Zippo lighter cases along with any metal trim parts to Bush Brothers Industries in Olean, NY to get their Satin Brass finish. The company also did a Burnished Brass finish along with Gold Plating.

1957 Roseart Norwegian Pink Laurel Table Lighter with Satin Brass Zippo Lighter (photo courtesy of the Roseart Archives Collection)


The finish that Bush Brothers Industries did to the lighters is very interesting and reminiscent of some of the designs coming from Zippo Japan. The Satin Brass finish looks to have been painted on rather than the case being sanded to get the brushed finish as Zippo Manufacturing does.

Recently some of these Satin Brass Zippo lighter cases were found with the Roseart Archives and I was fortunate to purchase a few.

1958 Satin Brass Zippo Lighter

1958 Satin Brass bottom stamp


To learn more about the fascinating history of Roseart Table Lighters, I would suggest getting a copy of, “Roseart The First 50 Years” by Michael Grimaldi.

Also visit Andy Handke’s website on the Roseart Archives here.

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