Zippo Desk Lighter

Article submitted by Rob Giarretta Sometimes you find an unusual Zippo and it’s immediately apparent what it is. Sometimes, it takes a little longer to figure out. This one was definitely the latter. What we have here isn’t flashy or elegant. It’s simple and utilitarian. It’s also a significant part of Zippo’s history. At first […]

Bottom Stamps

The bottom stamps in the above photo are quite possibly the most exciting for the collector to find.  The lighter on the bottom is a 1935 and features “PAT PENDING” which Zippo used until sometime in 1936, at which time the Patent number 2032695 was added. We will do a thorough article on bottom stamps […]

The Classic Venetian

First introduced in 1974 as the Florentine, the Venetian design is one of Zippos most popular and long lasting designs. It features a highly detailed leaf and floral pattern etched into the lighter case. It also has an initial panel so you can personalize it and make it your own. The Venetian is the perfect […]